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Coronavirus Practice Update

Beginning Monday March 14th 2022, Colibri Nutrition Therapy will move to the CDC's new Covid-19 Community Level guidance for mask wearing. This model sets out a level of risk for Covid-19 spread at Low, Medium and High based on community statistics for Covid-19 such as hospitalizations, positivity rate etc. You can find out more about what goes in to the level recommendation at the City of San Antonio's Covid-19 dashboard. This is what we will be using as our guidance on masking for the foreseeable future. This pandemic has caused us to have to pivot often, this may very well change in the future. We continue to ask for your patience and flexibility as we navigate this situation.

For now, as our community risk level is LOW in San Antonio, Colibri Nutrition Therapy will be dropping mask requirements for the time being. You may still choose to wear a mask at any time and if you have symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with Covid-19 we would respectfully request that you re-schedule your appointment or switch to a virtual appointment in order to keep our staff and other patients safe. We see a variety of patients in our practice, some of whom are immune compromised and we would like to continue to do our best to protect and support these patients. Should you prefer that the clinician and staff wear masks during your appointment, kindly request this and we are happy to support you in this way.

We will continue to offer HIPAA compliant virtual appointments Monday-Thursday via video conference for private pay patients and those Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas plans that qualify.

We are looking forward to connecting with you all again face to face as we hopefully continue to move toward more normal social interactions.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions at: or 210-817-4772.

~ Sonia

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